Updated system description of the WOFOST crop growth simulation model as implemented in the Crop Growth Monitoring System applied by the European Commission



     I. Supit1                                             E.van der Goot2

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This document is based on the work of:

C.A. van Diepen, P.M. Driessen, E. van der Goot, J. Goudriaan, R.J. Hijmans, A.A. Hooijer, H. van Keulen, R.R. van Kappel, G.H.J. de Koning, D.W.G. van Kraalingen, M.J. Kropff, H.H. van Laar, C. Rappoldt, F.W.T. Penning de Vries, C.J.T. Spitters, I. Supit, T. van der Wal, J. Wolf

1) I. Supit. Privateers N.V. / ParBleu Technologies
2) E. van der Goot. Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, I-21020 Ispra, Italy

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